17 Facts About Raising Children They Don’t Mention In Parenting Books

17 Facts About Raising Children They Don’t Mention In Parenting Books

  • How many diapers you will have to change in the first few months

The amount of diapers a tiny baby goes through is unfathomable. When you first become parents, you can’t even imagine its possible for this tiny thing to produce that much poo, but there it is. No one can prepare you for that, and it SMELLS.

  • How many times you will accidentally hurt them

This one is tricky because you feel bad even thinking about it, but you will bump their head on occasion. Those little nails are a nightmare to cut, so you might end up nipping a bit of skin every now and then. It’s all normal and has happened to the best of us.

  • That your kids will embarrass you from the day that they are born

You would want to have things under control when you go out at the least. You might. Your baby might have other plans. You cant plan for diaper blowouts. You cant plan for baby throwing up because he put something in his mouth when you got up to get a glass of water.

Older kids will just tell a stranger that you haven’t showered in 4 days or didn’t brush your teeth this morning—no way around that.

  • That they will always fall asleep in the car and wake up fresh as soon as reaching home

On the way back from anywhere, they fall asleep in the car, and you assume that they are gone for the night. You believe you can quietly pick them up and put them in bed. Usually, that’s a bust. They get home and its party time.

  • That Once they learn they can get off the shopping cart and walk around its over

When you go shopping with younger kids, you can keep them in the shopping trolly. You hand them a toy or candy, and they enjoy the ride. Then they get older, and they realize they can get off and walk around. The whole ball game changes after that. All you do is run around after them. Nobody tells you to keep them in that shopping cart for as long as you possibly can.

  • That They will always find out when you are on a phone call

No matter where they are, no matter what they are doing, they will know, and they will want everything at that moment.

  • That Your kid will almost always rat you out to their other parent

Have you ever asked your child not to tell their father or their mother something? How did it go? They always tell you in those books to present a united front, which you always should. Sometimes, you just have to say,” don’t tell baba.” Rest assured, the second you say that, they will run to baba and tell him.

  • Gaining weight is a whole lot easier when you have children

You will eat all of your kids’ leftovers. Anything they leave in their plates goes in

 your mouth.

  • You will never be able to throw away any artwork they make

Everything has to go on the fridge or will have to be saved. They will remind you constantly, and ask to see where you have put those things. You will have to appreciate pieces of junk as absolute art. Parenting is mostly acting, start practicing it you’re not already.

  • Your kids will say offensive things to you, and you will get upset

Children are ruthless. It’s easy to say that we need to ignore them and move on because they don’t know what they are saying, but it is tough to do that in the moment. So, yes, you will get angry at their rude comments, sometimes no matter how calm you have decided to stay. Be confident that they also need your discipline; not everything can be ignored.

  • Most of the time even bribing them with ice cream and other deserts won’t help when trying to get them to eat their vegetables

Nothing helps. Its okay to skip a day or so.

  • No matter how much the books or people tell you, you cant always nap when the kids nap

This one makes us all cry ugly tears. There’s laundry, dishes, cooking, many of us have other children and adults to take care of, sure you can ignore all that but who can sleep with all that mess laying around. If you can, teach us your ways.

  • Make sure your kid uses the toilet before they leave a place with a toilet whether they ask to go or not

They will feel the urge very urgently when there are no bathrooms around. It will happen. Be prepared.

  • Speaking of peeing, always bring a change of clothes where-ever you go. ALWAYS.

Just do it.

  • Farther speaking of pee, potty training is the hardest part of parenting.

You are not failing as a parent, you are right on track. Potty training is hard on all parents. Cut yourself some slack.

  • Farther along, bedwetting is normal even after being properly potty trained.

Don’t blame yourself and don’t blame the child either. Gradually it will get better and eventually it will completely stop. You wont read this in general parenting books but we can recommend books on these topics. Let us know in the comments.

  • Finally, your child is not a statistic or a research. Shes a part of you. These books may be important sometimes to help us learn the basics but they don’t know you or your child. Mother knows best!

Make sure they know they are loved; the rest is just detail.


Trying to keep it simple, while traveling the world. Also trying to live in harmony with tiny mischievous monsters and their dad. Do what you will with this information.

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