From the CEO’s Desk

From the CEO’s Desk

How do we slow time down? How do we get ourselves out of that rut that makes us feel like we are completely stuck and unable to get ourselves out? How do we live our best lives?

Little bit at a time. There’s no need for huge chunks to be moved around.

Feels like everything will fall flat if we move even the lightest of pieces. The trick is to keep trying, keep inching forward, little by little. Keep making things a little bit easier by thinking that its possible. The power of our minds.

Speaking of powerful stuff, we have some powerful material coming your way. Some is already on the website. Some more is coming soon. Have you visited lately? Have you seen what our will to give you something important has delivered? Maybe it’s time you discovered it. Our heart-felt love and effort to help you will always be the forefront of everything that we do here at Femmerang.

We are always here for you and doing our best to give you what you need. Please tell us in comments and messages how we can make it better.

Im signing out, and you look after yourselves, ya hear?

Ma’a asalaama

Mahvish Akhtar


Trying to keep it simple, while traveling the world. Also trying to live in harmony with tiny mischievous monsters and their dad. Do what you will with this information.

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