From The Femmerang CEO’s Desk December 5, 2020

From The Femmerang CEO’s Desk December 5, 2020

I am so proud of each and every one of you . Our femmerang team has been trying our best to bring the most useful information to our dear readers. These past months have not been easy. 2020 has been so difficult. We have been tried and tested in the worst ways possible. Everything has been telling us to give up and hide in some corner of our minds. Not in just put minds but also our homes. Most of us however have been brave. We have done what it takes to live our lives. 

Remember living your life doesn’t always mean doing it in front of an audience. Everyone is different in real life. Everyone lives their lives differently. Maybe you are one of those people who don’t like a show. You might be the quiet type. For you, living your life means doing your thing in your world but in the best way that you know. 

On the other hand you might be the life of the party. You are a must at every zoom party and every rooftop that ever did get lit. You did your thing even if you were exhausted at the end of the day. We all tried our best. We are all trying our best. 

At some point if we decide its okay to stop and take a little breather that will be okay too. That is not called giving up. That is called just relaxing and letting yourself off the hook. 

 I say we all deserve a day off. If you can’t take a day off take a few hours or even a few minutes to yourselves just to acknowledge that you work hard and do your job well. 

Go ahead acknowledge yourself. Out loud, not just to yourself but to the people around you. Tell them that you are strong and brave and that you deserve a break. Tell them that you deserve to be seen and heard. Let them everyone know that you are proud of yourself. Be proud of yourself because there are so many that are even if they don’t tell you all the time. 

I am definitely one of them. 

In the mean time you look after yourselves, ya hear?

Ma’a asalaama

Mahvish Akhtar

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