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1. Traditionalist brothers dominating over women and enforcing patriarchal norms. Udaari Raqs-e-bismil Aulaad   2. Woman marrying her ideal but still unhappy. Ghalti Durr-e-Shehwar Shehr-e-zaat   3. An egoistic man and a...

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Dear ہمراز

Dear Hamraaz

From your ہمراز The purpose for all of us being here is so you can spill your guts. Tell me something you can’t tell anyone else. Tell me something that’s been nagging at you and you haven’t been able to get off your chest...

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Zero Thinking


Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. Prayers for my readers who consciously make effort for their healing and well-being. Today we will be exploring another unhealthy negative emotion. This emotion can be very destructive and lead to...

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