Singaporean Rice

Singaporean Rice

By Humera Belal

Today we are talking about Singaporean rice, I am assuming its a singaporean dish. A perfect weekend meal, but be prepared to wash a lot of pots and pans, but trust me when I say its all going to be worth it.

Its a dish made of layers of rice,mayonnaise sauce spaghetti, stir fried vegetables and chicken.

A perfect blend for a  indo- chinese dish.

First, rice is boiled with salt and then stirred with a teaspoon of oil.

Noodles are boiled with salt and then mixed a with tablespoon of oil so they don’t stick to each other.

Cut your veggies, broccoli, onion, carrot and cabbage.

Vegetables lightly stir-fried to maintain their firmness and crispiness, I am sure nobody likes a mushy mess.

Stir fry the noodles

Chicken marinated with egg, flour, cornflour and seasoning.



Then layer everything with the mayo sauce.



2 cups rice

1 packet noodles


1+1 tsp oil

*For the chicken*

500gm boneless chicken cut into cubes

Cornflour 2Tbsp

Flour 2tsp

Salt 1tsp

Egg 1

Black pepper 1tsp

Red chilli flakes 1Tbsp

*For the Vegetables*

Broccoli  1 small floret cut into small flowers

Onions 2 diced

Capsicum 2 julienne cut

Cabbages 1 small finley finely diced 

Carrots 2 diced

3 Tbsp olive/ sesame oil

Soya sauce 2 Tbsp

Vinegar 1 Tbsp

Chilli sauce 1 Tbsp

Chilli garlic sauce 1 Tbsp

White pepper 1 Tsp

*For the mayo sauce*

1 cup mayonnaise 

1/3 cup ketchup

Salt 1/2 tsp

Hot sauce 1tsp

Black oepper 1/2 tsp


Butter 2Tbsp

Green chillies 3 chopped

Garlic cloves 3 cloves finely sliced


Trying to keep it simple, while traveling the world. Also trying to live in harmony with tiny mischievous monsters and their dad. Do what you will with this information.

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